About Us

Rooted is an Artisan Market Focused on Ethically Made Products

We focus on curating home decor goods made by local artisans, other small businesses and always ethically made.

Lauren, the owner, got into furniture refinishing in 2020 and took a small little passion and grew it into something bigger. She loves taking things that were destined for landfills and making them into something that you love and enjoy in your home. 

The goal of Rooted is to encourage others to find their inner artist, whether that's by finding a unique piece of home decor or by learning to paint a piece of furniture art for themselves.

We are proud of the items we sell. We aren't just a store full of widgets to sell. We carefully handpick our items, focusing on keeping our dollars local and with small businesses, who are the life blood of our country.

Lauren is also a military wife, boy mom and dog mom of three.