Are Pressed Florals the New Boho Trend?

Are Pressed Florals the New Boho Trend?

One thing we absolutely love about modern boho style is the incorporation of so many plants and nature! So when we saw these pressed floral wall hangings, we knew they would be all the rage. 

Pink Pressed Floral Hanging

 We challenge you to put down your monstera and snake plants, and hang up one or two of these beautiful pressed floral hangings. 

These beautiful boho wall hangings are hand made in the USA by a small, woman owned business. They feature wood frames which sandwich to pieces of clear plexiglass, in-between the real dried florals. 


What's even better, is that if you decide you'd like to change up the florals in the future, or maybe want to display some from a special event (think valentine's day, engagements and weddings!), you can replace the florals inside by simply unscrewing the bolts that hold the plexi-glass together. 

Be the envy of all your friends with these pressed plant wall hangings. There is even a wall hanging with eucalyptus! How cool is that!? These are by far the most popular piece of art in our shop, and they get compliments all the time. We know it'll be the same when you're displaying them in your home!

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